Becoming an Artist Again

24 February 2018

I was trying to create some paintings last year, using acrylic paint for the first time in 10 years. They were awful. This is probably the best out of the bunch, and I was pretty proud of it at the time.

As I was cleaning up one day, I thought I would experiment with the Tyvek I bought from Scrap Leeds. I used it to make a print from my palette.

The results were better than the painting I had been slaving away over for most of the day. I felt like I had stumbled on the Holy Grail. The results were so interesting and unexpected, and I started almost doodling with these effects, layering more and more on top of each other.

It was a very therapeutic process, and I spent several weeks following the same pattern.

The first of many layers

I was finally starting to enjoy creating, without worrying what people would think of my work. This would soon give me the freedom to share my work.

Now I just needed to move from my living room table.

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