In the Beginning…

18 February 2018

So blogs are still a thing, right?

For years I’ve been into art, but I’ve always let something get in the way – boyfriends, self-confidence, family issues, work, money (or lack thereof).

I’ve tried youtube, and you can still see the evidence here, but I’m not that comfortable in front of the camera, so I’ve never been able to keep it up for long. I do make videos here and there, normally after we’ve been travelling, as they are good to look back on years later and remind me of the good times.

Good times have been rare this last ten years or so. I’ll cut out the BS (as is my wont) – I went through some bad times with my family relationships over the last 37 years. I’d always been able to display some semblance of a normal life and personality to the outside world, until I lost my Mum 7 years ago.

That changed everything. It changed me so much, and it took me a long time to realise it.

I had some kind of breakdown in September, and was unable to work due to stress late in 2017, and during this time I realised that I needed to do something for me. Something to help heal my wounds. So I started creating art again.

Self portrait, 2017

I started at an art class at a local mental health charity. This was my first painting.

I found the class a little stressful, but it did give me the confidence to keep trying.

I spent at least two months working solely on abstract paintings, which I found very therapeutic, as there was nothing in them for me to get anxious about. I stopped worrying over details and proportions, and just enjoyed the process of creating them.

In a lot of ways I’m a beginner, and have been experimenting with various media (acrylics, watercolours, markers, pencils, coloured pencil, charcoal, collage), but I’m taking it seriously. Despite working full time, I’m devoting at least 2 hours a day to creating art.

Follow me on my journey, and let’s see if I can get this thing working again.

Thanks for stopping by, Caroline.


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